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    Hello! I am Bec Bennett, creator of Hold Photography based in Forbes, NSW.

    I am currently taking bookings for when the COVID-19 crisis allows for safe photography sessions.

    I specialize in custom and lifestyle newborn, child and family portraiture across Central West NSW. I have traveled internationally and domestically with photography which is always welcomed!

Darcy Adelaide {Forbes Newborn Photographer}

Darcy Adelaide, you sweet, sweet baby girl. She has brought so pure JOY to her family. When there are other older kids in the family, the baby is the ‘family’ baby, so beautifully welcomed and loved as soon as they are a known to be coming. I had that with my own kids, a bigger gap with my last and he has just been such a joy and a blessing.

Thank you all for having me over Tim and Leish, for our 4 hour session where we chatted for 2 of those and I worked a little bit in between. Loved it! I still can’t let go totally of wrapping and getting sleepy shots in between the real life stuff but I’m trying and practicing and am still so in love with those sleepy shots…

Into the deep end, let’s do this. {Forbes Wedding Photographer} (Eeeeek)

After an extended break from shooting weddings I am BACK. I lost my way with it I think, I always wanted to give my wedding clients the ULTIMATE best work I could deliver and while I still feel I was doing so, I got tired. Happens to the best of us, I wasn’t willing to keep going and give it a half-arsed effort. That’s just not what I’m about.

Shooting weddings is fun and exciting and I have the best days with the Bride, Groom, the bridal party, their families and their guests. I truly love it! It’s also the ultimate time to people watch through the lens (in a non-creep way I swear)… It is also very taxing, and stressful making sure you don’t miss a thing because I want it all. My brain is constantly going and eyes darting about ready for whatever action is happening. The day is great, truly, but I know people know by now it’s not just the day shooting. There is so so much behind the scenes stuff – even editing now is a small part in the post processing. And I’m really excited about that too, ready to deliver the best experience, with my dazzling personality, the best products and just to get into the guts of it all. I want real, raw, love, gentle, passion, laughter, joy, hope, happiness, connection. I want all of that reflected in your wedding photos…


I’m ready. And busting to snag my first clients for 2020. Cannot wait! Here’s some wedding action throughout the years. I’ve loved watching the brides and grooms creating their own little families now, and coming back to me after their wedding to photography their babies. If that’s not a boost to your confidence then I don’t know what is!

Archie! {Parkes Baby and Family Photographer}

Ohhhh Archie Boy! What a ray of sunshine you are! I enjoyed working with Archie and his parents so much, they would probably be some of the nicest people ever. And Archie, man he is so cute, funny and lovely. He was obsessed with the birds in the trees above us and I must admit they were pretty bloody noisy so I don’t blame him.

I am loving baby photography lately, and also family photography. The nose scrunch gets me Archie, I also love that he’s doing a spot of reading in his room…

Laine + Levi/Levi + Laine {Dubbo Newborn Photographer}

Actually it wasn’t Dubbo I trekked to, it was Gulargambone which is about an hour in the other side of Dubbo from Forbes! #worthit

4 week old Levi and Laine… oh man. So, so chilled, so beautiful and such funny little guys. I haven’t staged the baby positions where they are doing the same thing with their arms, heads, legs and even hands/fingers – this is literally how they just relaxed and slept. So in tune with each other, it was fascinating to me. They definitely have different personalities like any siblings would, but the fact they got comfy in complete sync with each other was so cool. When I moved them, or when they got changed, or when I wrapped them tight, then subsequently unwrapped them they’d move together to form sync positions. So cool!

Thank you so much for letting me at your babies guys, special little boys with amazing parents. I could’ve just stared at them all day (pretty sure I stared at them for at least 1/3 of the session) xx

Audrey {Orange Newborn Photographer}

I have actually lost count of how many shoots we have done together but I know its been a lot. As IF you haven’t seen Kellie, Jacob and Elsie on my blog over these past few years. I am so lucky to call Kellie a friend, and she has been so supportive of my work and growth (and just me in general) and has always seen my vision which is something we’ve created just for her family. She is kind, calm, giving, honest, smart, generous, loving and most of all authentic and genuine. I adore you.

So how fitting that I return to photograph their second bundle of girly joy, Audrey. So calm and lovely, and so much sweet dark hair, the cutest little button face. I snugged her for so long, just because I could.

In one or two of the images you will see framed pictures with “Kellie” and “Jacob” above the bed. These are their wedding vows, can you believe it? Such a beautiful thing to do, I remember watching them say the words to each other at their wedding last year…

I have also included some behind the scene-ish photos then the final photo. PLUS two images I like to call “toddler lyfe”.