Jacob & Kellie {Grenfell Wedding Photographer}

I could seriously write an entire page worth of words to recap the day with Jacob, Kellie, their daughter, Elsie, and their friends and family. But I’ll try to keep it short…*try*

Some people in life just ‘get’ you. Kellie has always gotten me. ALWAYS. And she brings Jacob along so he can ‘get’ me too (he so does), and now also Elsie. And I truly, truly feel privileged when people welcome me not only into their homes, but into their lives.┬áThe wedding isn’t the end of the circle here, I’ll be photographing these guys forever. They allow me to be free and they allow me to push in whatever direction I want to go in – and I allow them to suggest and direct too. It’s every photographers dream come true to work in this trust circle!

Amazing wedding. A M A Z I N G. Every. Single. Detail has been thought of here but it just flowed with ease, with the help of so many (and the help of our clipboards) (Hey not only did I have great instructions but I scored a brand new clipboard! Thanks Kel). The wedding party was also a dream, 20 people was something I had never done before but I feel like we pulled it together. I was assisted by the wonderful Grace who rose to the occasion and really got into the guts of it. Thank you Grace, you were a pleasure to shoot with and I so appreciate you!

Thank you isn’t enough for the way I feel about these people inviting me to share this with them. Weddings are so special to me and I have deep gratitude for Kellie and Jacob. Please enjoy their day. Ladies and Gentlemen… THE WARDS!! WHOOHOO!!