Some of my favorite people here folks {Forbes Family Photographer}

I met Jo through the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) I think about 3 years ago. We formed a great friendship, have been there for each other through trying times and have had so, so many laughs. She has basically just stood by my side and is always open and supportive of me and I consider her a true, dear friend. Her business in Bathurst is JG Images Bathurst, go and check it out on Facey and also Insta!

I have photographed her family before, so for her to return with Greg and co to be photographed by me is very humbling and I truly appreciate her support, and her faith in me. Shooting another photographers family photos in nerve-racking and challenging. But in the end you relax into the session, because she wouldn’t ask and book me if she didn’t have that faith you know?

I LOVE her kids. Twins Amelia and Eleanor could not be more different if they tried. They are very sweet girls, very smart girls and are just so lovely. I love working with them! Henry is an absolute fire cracker, loves to run (I took my 14yo along with us to wrangle and it was the best decision we made, that kid is fast!), loves his sisters, lovvvvves his parents and is such a happy guy.

Thanks for allowing me to capture what your love looks like my friend. Here’s to many more years of friendship and many more photo shoots with me because Greg loves me the best.