Audrey {Orange Newborn Photographer}

I have actually lost count of how many shoots we have done together but I know its been a lot. As IF you haven’t seen Kellie, Jacob and Elsie on my blog over these past few years. I am so lucky to call Kellie a friend, and she has been so supportive of my work and growth (and just me in general) and has always seen my vision which is something we’ve created just for her family. She is kind, calm, giving, honest, smart, generous, loving and most of all authentic and genuine. I adore you.

So how fitting that I return to photograph their second bundle of girly joy, Audrey. So calm and lovely, and so much sweet dark hair, the cutest little button face. I snugged her for so long, just because I could.

In one or two of the images you will see framed pictures with “Kellie” and “Jacob” above the bed. These are their wedding vows, can you believe it? Such a beautiful thing to do, I remember watching them say the words to each other at their wedding last year…

I have also included some behind the scene-ish photos then the final photo. PLUS two images I like to call “toddler lyfe”.