Laine + Levi/Levi + Laine {Dubbo Newborn Photographer}

Actually it wasn’t Dubbo I trekked to, it was Gulargambone which is about an hour in the other side of Dubbo from Forbes! #worthit

4 week old Levi and Laine… oh man. So, so chilled, so beautiful and such funny little guys. I haven’t staged the baby positions where they are doing the same thing with their arms, heads, legs and even hands/fingers – this is literally how they just relaxed and slept. So in tune with each other, it was fascinating to me. They definitely have different personalities like any siblings would, but the fact they got comfy in complete sync with each other was so cool. When I moved them, or when they got changed, or when I wrapped them tight, then subsequently unwrapped them they’d move together to form sync positions. So cool!

Thank you so much for letting me at your babies guys, special little boys with amazing parents. I could’ve just stared at them all day (pretty sure I stared at them for at least 1/3 of the session) xx