Into the deep end, let’s do this. {Forbes Wedding Photographer} (Eeeeek)

After an extended break from shooting weddings I am BACK. I lost my way with it I think, I always wanted to give my wedding clients the ULTIMATE best work I could deliver and while I still feel I was doing so, I got tired. Happens to the best of us, I wasn’t willing to keep going and give it a half-arsed effort. That’s just not what I’m about.

Shooting weddings is fun and exciting and I have the best days with the Bride, Groom, the bridal party, their families and their guests. I truly love it! It’s also the ultimate time to people watch through the lens (in a non-creep way I swear)… It is also very taxing, and stressful making sure you don’t miss a thing because I want it all. My brain is constantly going and eyes darting about ready for whatever action is happening. The day is great, truly, but I know people know by now it’s not just the day shooting. There is so so much behind the scenes stuff – even editing now is a small part in the post processing. And I’m really excited about that too, ready to deliver the best experience, with my dazzling personality, the best products and just to get into the guts of it all. I want real, raw, love, gentle, passion, laughter, joy, hope, happiness, connection. I want all of that reflected in your wedding photos…


I’m ready. And busting to snag my first clients for 2020. Cannot wait! Here’s some wedding action throughout the years. I’ve loved watching the brides and grooms creating their own little families now, and coming back to me after their wedding to photography their babies. If that’s not a boost to your confidence then I don’t know what is!