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    Hello! I am Bec Bennett, creator of Hold Photography based in Forbes, NSW.

    I specialize in custom and lifestyle newborn, child and family portraiture across Central West NSW. I have traveled internationally and domestically with photography which is always welcomed!

    Please contact me on 0431 457 057 or [email protected] for bookings and information

Some of my favorite people here folks {Forbes Family Photographer}

I met Jo through the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) I think about 3 years ago. We formed a great friendship, have been there for each other through trying times and have had so, so many laughs. She has basically just stood by my side and is always open and supportive of me and I consider her a true, dear friend. Her business in Bathurst is JG Images Bathurst, go and check it out on Facey and also Insta!

I have photographed her family before, so for her to return with Greg and co to be photographed by me is very humbling and I truly appreciate her support, and her faith in me. Shooting another photographers family photos in nerve-racking and challenging. But in the end you relax into the session, because she wouldn’t ask and book me if she didn’t have that faith you know?

I LOVE her kids. Twins Amelia and Eleanor could not be more different if they tried. They are very sweet girls, very smart girls and are just so lovely. I love working with them! Henry is an absolute fire cracker, loves to run (I took my 14yo along with us to wrangle and it was the best decision we made, that kid is fast!), loves his sisters, lovvvvves his parents and is such a happy guy.

Thanks for allowing me to capture what your love looks like my friend. Here’s to many more years of friendship and many more photo shoots with me because Greg loves me the best.

Harry, 12 days old {Forbes Newborn Photographer}

Little Harry, gosh he is such a beautiful baby. Our session was lovely, so relaxed and also fun. He was free to be awake but also free to sleep, which he did do too. I find myself still wrapping them to not only immobilise them (sorry its true) but also to settle them where they are a bit wriggly and those photos are so sweet too, and it gives me a chance to get their tiny features. Bit of a mix and match, old habits die hard with me with newborns xx

Vander – {Parkes Newborn Photographer}

So as I said on Facebook I’ve had an extended break but am now back and ready to Get. Stuff. Done. I feel GREAT!

I also said that I have retired the beanbag for all newborn sessions, I feel that part of my work is over for now. I have loved every minute of rocking, patting and shooshing babies, what a beautiful time for parents who allow me to come into their homes for snugs of their beautiful newborn babies. Now, its just a different way, and I still get snugs. I am wanting to go with a much more relaxed, family oriented feel to my newborn images to create a true representation of your current world. I want to capture the family connection that your baby brings, and I want to give my beautiful, loyal and trusting clients the best images possible.

I absolutely can’t wait to meet you and see what we can create together!

Enjoy Vander and his big sister, Hartlee, chilling out and rocking his session. Not being asleep is fine now, the pressure is off to perform the act of sleep for these little darlinks and we all just go with the flow. I am loving it 🙂


Welcome to 2019 (I know I’m a little late)!

You may have noticed it’s been quiet here and on social media while I took an extended break. I am now taking limited bookings for 2019!


Last year I shared some of my favourite memories from the past decade as I wait patiently for my camera to be serviced. It truly made me appreciate how far I’ve come since starting Cupcakes Photography.

I established Cupcakes Photography in 2007 and quickly became known as ‘The Cupcakes Lady’ with the different categories I was photographing named in conjunction with that as a bit of a gimmick. It is a brand that has served me well and has enabled me to do what I truly love for over 11 years.

Like everything in life though, things and people change. I have evolved both personally and professionally and after 12 months of careful consideration, I truly feel it’s time to move on from the name, free from gimmicks and into a more simplistic and creative approach.

So, it is with great excitement that I introduce my new business name; HOLD PHOTOGRAPHY!

‘Hold’ is the Hungarian word for ‘moon’ and not only am I Hungarian, I am also nocturnal so it really resonates with me. As I move into the emotive and connective form of children and family portraiture, I wanted a word and name to reflect that, and to hold someone you love couldn’t be more emotive, intimate and special which is where I see my work moving to in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of families who have trusted me to capture their precious memories over the years. Thank you for allowing me to make a living by doing what I truly love…

Sarah, Kurt & Co. {Forbes Family Photographer}

I’ve been photographing/working for/friends with these guys for actual years. Wedding, babies, family. I’m so lucky…

That Max – what a funny guy. Elki is a complete turkey and Layla is growing up before my eyes. She’s such a sweet girl, ready for a laugh and to make her brother or sister laugh too. We had such a relaxed arvo on the river xx